Favorite Vibrators & Dildos

I had a message from a very nice follower asking what my recommendations for vibrators and dildos are so he could get one/some for his wife.  I’m actually not super experienced in that area…but I’m guessing I have some followers that will be able to help this guy out.

So, what are your favorites?  

Anonymous asked:

Can you please post photos of everything but your knees, feet, arms and face? Thanks!

Lol!  Is someone being a smart ass?  OK, well then I will post my thighs, belly button, neck, hands, and back. :)

Oh, and it’s a good thing you sent a second message saying there’s nothing wrong with my knees…I was going to have to start chopping all my photos off above the knees. :)

Anonymous asked:

I read you don't have heels but can you post pictures of your feet ?

I hate my feet so that’s why I don’t post pics…seems kind of dumb when you consider I post pics of my tits, pussy, and ass without even thinking twice about it.

Anonymous asked:

Can you put Nutella on your ass with a thing on. Please! Nothing but your ass

I’m going to assume this is from the same anon as the one below-so please see below for answer.

Anonymous asked:

Would love to see you in high heels and pantyhose ?

Ok, so maybe it’s weird, but I actually don’t own any high heels. I’m tall and actually a little taller than hubby and so for the longest time I didn’t want to accentuate that fact-so no heels for me. I don’t care about that anymore and actually embrace my height, but I’ve never bought a nice pair of heels.

Had a request for what I was wearing while hubby was watching Nascar. He wasn’t watching the race today. I watched some basketball…watched my bracket go to shit. Just a t-shirt & old yoga pants-perfect lounging attire for a lazy Sunday afternoon.