I just wanted to let you guys know I’m taking a little break from tumblr. I know I have some birthday posts that I missed and I’ll try to get those done soon. I just need to focus more on my family and friends for awhile.

Thanks for being great followers & I’m guessing I’ll be back before you even notice I was gone.

Hey howie-phelter! Happy very late birthday! Since I made you wait so long, I’m going to have you take this dress off of me.

Now unzip me and let your fingertips brush over the back of my neck and down my back. Slowly slide a strap over my shoulder, then the other strap as you kiss behind my ear and down my neck. Undo my bra strap and then slide your hands around to my breasts and cup them. Your fingertips brush over and around my nipples before you take my bra off and tell me to step out of my dress.  Pull me back against you and reach around and slide your hand down over my pussy.

Push me away from you…hard, up against the door. Grab my hair and pull my head back as you ram a finger into my pussy. Tell me I’ve been a very bad girl for making you wait two months for birthday pics. Spank my ass and then slide your fingers deep into my pussy, fingering fast and forcefully and then jam those fingers into my mouth and make me suck my juices off.   Slap my ass again and then tell me to suck on your thumb…get it nice and wet with my saliva dripping off it. Circle my asshole with your thumb & then hook two of your fingers into my pussy. Pull my hips back by pinching those two fingers & your thumb together. Now slide your cock in and fuck me!

Anonymous asked:

Are you sure you don't know the anon that asked the first question?

No, I’m not sure. The one I thought it was might be lying to me, even though he says he never lies. Or it could be someone else I know. I have no idea. You should tell me who you are.

Anonymous asked:

Follow up to your earlier question. Given the wink face after rules does that mean you occasionally have outside fun?

Yeah…I thought that anon ask was from someone I knew, so I was kind of just playing around when I put the winky face & mentioned breaking rules. Turns out it wasn’t from him. I do not play around outside my marriage.

Anonymous asked:

Hi, love the blog, you are SO sexy :) How old are you? Do you have sex with guys outside your marriage? With or without husbands knowledge? J

Well thank you :)
I’m pretty sure I know who this is & you should know how old I am…35.
Fucking outside of my marriage would be breaking the rules & you know how I am about rules ;)