Anonymous asked:

Is hubby still going to let you do pee Pics for us?

I think he will. I plan on posting more. He did tell me he wouldn’t take those pics for me. Those are the hard ones to take by yourself so I’m still going to work on getting him to just take the pics.

Anonymous asked:

Why are you deleting again? New blog seems to have the same content.

This blog was done behind my husband’s back. It has pictures on it that he would rather I hadn’t have posted for everyone to see. Yes, I know even if I delete they are still out here, but I just want to start fresh with hubby.

The new blog isn’t really up and going. I just reblogged some pics of me so followers would see that it was me. The new blog will probably be pretty much the same as this one (with tamer, hubby approved pics of me to start with) plus hopefully pics of hubby and I. We’ll probably reblog from others a lot more than I did on here too.

I wasn’t even going to start a new blog. I was just going to delete and be done. One of my favorites on here that I became very close with deleted & I wasn’t having fun anymore without him. But, hubby agreed to try it out so we’ll see how it goes.

I know deleting and creating a new blog is a pain in the ass for everyone, but it’s what I want to do.